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 Brand clarity and website copywriting for rockstar service providers

So permission granted:

You're free to create a wildly successful brand without sounding like everyone else. 

I triple-dog-dare-ya to. But...

Your brand is waaaay more than just a snazzy logo and yummy color palette. 

And it's NOT just about how you're shakin' things up in your industry. Isn't everyone?

People are hungry for authentic connections. 

And your brand story is the single most powerful way to connect emotionally. 

Bottom line: fearlessly authentic brands with a clear, compelling message get noticed. 

Everyone else gets lost in the noise.

Your Signature Brand Starts Here

You + Me + 3 Days = Total Brand Bliss

You've heard that your homepage is an important piece of real estate. And you're pretty sure yours needs some serious TLC. Tender-loving-clarity. 

Maybe you designed it years ago. Or think it could communicate better with your ideal clients.

Either way, your quest for clarity's only made you feel more confused. 

Together, we'll turn all that "stuff" into a clear, coherent brand story that connects emotionally with your dream clients. 

And we'll do it using a simple framework that's successfully opened hearts and minds for centuries. 

What's Included

+90-minute marketing strategy call with moi

+1 clear brand message

+3 one-liners

+3 taglines

+testimonial strategy

+clarity on your prices & packages

Timeline: 2 days

Investment: $1500

""We've been getting more web activity and leads than ever before! It feels great knowing our messaging is finally where we want it. Katie's extensive experience with branding and strategy definitely came through."


Get a storied website in 1 week flat

You want a website that woos and works. But it's waaay more than just a sales tool for you. It's a deeply personal expression of, well, you. 

Who said you can't have it all? A website that cuts through the noise and captures your unique spirit, because it clearly communicates:

  • who you are
  • who you care about
  • how you're uniquely qualified to help them

In 60 seconds or less. Why?

That's about how long you’ve got people’s attention before the Next More Important Thing grabs ‘em.

What's Included

+90-minute marketing strategy call with moi

+1 clear brand message

+3 one-liners

+3 taglines

+testimonial strategy

+clarity on your prices & packages

+1 designer-ready Homepage wireframe*

+1 lead-generating PDF

*What's a wireframe Katie?

A wireframe is simply the skeleton of a website, laid out in black and white. 

Timeline: 1 week

Investment: $5,500

"Worth. Every. Penny. I absolutely loved working with Katie! My website is dramatically more effective because she had a hand in crafting it."


Put your marketing on auto-pilot

What's a sales funnel anyway? Well, hardcore direct marketers will tell you it's the best way to lead a "prospect" to sales slaughter. 

But, that's not how we talk around here. Because we're all about authentic connections.

So think of a sales funnel as your most powerful relationship building tool. It lets you meet your dream clients where they are in their journey to your kickass exceptional service. 

And turns your website into a powerful tool for growth--that works auto-magically, 24/7. 

What's Included

+90-min marketing strategy call with moi

+1 clear brand message

+3 one-liners

+3 taglines

+testimonial strategy

+clarity on your prices & packages

+1 designer-ready Homepage 

+1 one-page PDF opt-in

+5 email nurture sequence that ends with an effective sales letter

Timeline: 4 weeks

Investment: starts at $11,000

"A++ work! We're already seeing more page engagement and more time spent on our website. She's way more than just a 'wordsmith'. She's like a story + sales ninja."


The Craftworks Process


I put on my detective's cap and dive into your business, including WHO you serve. This is how I craft a story that's based on understanding, not assumptions.


Based on everything I've collected, I craft copy that's clear and sounds like you. This is where the magic happens, where your unique charm shines through. 


We make sure every word clearly communicates your message, captures your voice and connects with your audience. You pop a bottle of champaign and celebrate!

Stop wasting time & money doing IT ALL yourself.

Or DIY-ing your website and brand. 

You've got people who need you.

And no shiny sales course can replace clear, decisive action.

Ready to kick indecision in the butt and get your message out there, like, yesterday?

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